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    Words — they are the source of linking our inner self with the outer world. The choice of right words at the right time and in the right direction is all it takes for the potion of success. Your business also needs the right words to make a connection with its target audience. You want to know a secret? Well, there are specific words, tones, and approaches for every target audience and if you choose them wisely for your business, the success is ensured. Having an innovative business idea (we are sure you have it ) is not enough until you are able to communicate it to your future customers as well. To connect to your audience, you don't need the writing concepts you learnt in school, but the experiences you learnt in life . This is what we are here for- We write the words for the success of your business.

    Why us

    Well, it’s obvious for you to think why you should choose us when there are hundreds of content writing agencies out there. We understand . Let’s not negotiate how are we better than them, instead we would like to share our three-line philosophy that acts as a motivation behind our business. If it aligns with you, we are always here for you:

    • Translating your ideas into powerful words.
    • Staying with you until you are satisfied with the outcome.
    • Connecting your business with your target audience using the right words.

    (And, if it does not align with you — No hard feelings. We wish you all the luck for future endeavours.)

    What to expect

    Words can shape up the connections, that’s what we believe in. We put in our all to come up with the honest and authentic version of that. So, you can expect to have the complete translation of your ideas into powerful words. The process of helping your business make an impact using the magic of words is on our shoulders and we are very happy to do that for you.

    What do we need

    We need to know everything about your business so that we can choose the right words and align them in the most impactful manner. However, we understand that it gets difficult to categorize the information worth sharing when it’s about your own business, nothing to worry. We have a simple set of questions that will allow us to get to the roots of your business (or business idea). If you make up your mind to choose us as your content partner, contact us we will mail them to you.

    Our Services

    A business needs a different set of writings directed for distinctive purposes for it to succeed. We believe in your remarkable business idea and would like to offer our services in the following categories:


    Imagine being able to meet your potential clients and persuade them about how your business can make an impact for them without actually meeting them- that's what copywriting is all about. The right words aligned in the personalized conversation manner is what it is. The ideology of copywriting is not about the fancy words and long sentences, instead it is about having a conversation with the essence of words.

    Research Articles

    You must be thinking, ‘but every writing needs research, why to mention it explicitly?’. We agree. But, if you have got a technical or explanation-demanding topic, researching every corner of the search engine for any bit of useful information, and then arranging it in the most meaningful manner is what writing fully researched articles is about. The idea of having the complete technical information on the topic backs it up.

    SEO Optimized Content

    When it comes to SEO content, you not only need the right words, but also the appropriate keywords with their appropriate positioning and certain fulfillment of rules. Search Engine Optimized content is what makes your business visible on Google which forms the basis of never-ending stream of clients. SEO content allows the search engine to consider your content valuable enough for showcasing.

    Web Copies

    In present times, your website is the first interaction window for your potential clients. Being able to have the website that engages with your clients is an important element of business’s success. What many businesses miss is that along with an aesthetic design, your website needs a connecting, persuading, and converting collection of words. This is what writing web copies is about.

    The Process

    Our process is simple – For us, YOU matter!

    So, we have a great offer for you ‘PAY ONLY IF ITS AS PER YOUR NEEDS’. 

    Too good to be true? No, we mean it. No advance payments. No loopholes. So, here is how it goes:

    • Let us know your topic and discuss the requirements.
    • We will write the content and send it over to you (By the way, we have a window of unlimited revisions for our clients)
    • If it’s as per your needs – We proceed with the charges and transfer of copyrights. If it’s not – NO charges at all. No questions asked. (However, the copyrights remain with us in that case)

    The only reason of opting for this approach is because for us, our clients matter the most. 

    So, we are ready, are you? There is nothing to lose!

    Our Works

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    Our Clients

    Here is what some of our incredible clients have got to say about us

    "I love working with her... She is amazing and we work very well together. More articles and content coming your way. Thank you so much for all your help"
    Andy Howard
    AMH Pianos

    About Us

    Not your conventional content writing agency

    So, let’s keep it honest and straight. Who is running this agency? Me- A 20-year-old girl who loves writing and is pursuing her degree of Software Engineering while being in the field of writing for the last 2.5 years. 

    My team includes…well, me, handling the communication to writing and writing to editing. The motivation behind this agency is to help the businesses succeed using the power of words and hone my craft more as I learn along the way. So, it’s a win-win for both.

    PS: The idea behind being super honest about the KaiWritings organizational structure is because we believe in connection and connections are always built on honesty!

    Our Blog

    Take a look at some of our distinctive ideas and approaches. Our blog is a source of sharing our learnings and results of various experimentations. It's a personalized corner for you!